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MDNEWS: The expansion of direct primary care does not signal the end of the need for insurance, Dr. Izbicki notes.

September 30, 2016 • Business, Direct Care Doctors, DPC News

Frustrated with insurance-based care, increasing numbers of physicians are turning to direct primary care to provide patients across the socioeconomic spectrum simpler, more personalized treatment. By: Trevor Willingham Thursday, September 1, 2016 Category: Accounting/Economics, Appointments, Future of Health Care Specialty: Family Medicine “I see waitresses, maids and fishermen, as well as doctors, lawyers and business… Read More ›

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DPC Journal SPOTLIGHT: Meet Dr. Stephen Goetter (Illinois)

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DECATUR — In Dr. Stephen Goetter’s 30 years of practice, he saw his patients’ hand hit the doorknob before all their questions were answered more times than he can count. “They’d say, ‘Uh, one more thing,’” Goetter said. “Then, ‘No, no, forget it. It’s nothing.’” Goetter said he’d often press the patient to tell him… Read More ›

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Tips for Scaling UP a DPC Practice. ~Elation

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Written by Direct primary care practices are growing in popularity.  This model provides flexibility to providers to focus on their patients, allowing for individualized, convenient care while building a sustainable and scalable business. Building and growing a DPC practice can be both an exciting milestone and a daunting task. So what does it take to… Read More ›

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HEALTHCARE LAW: Legal Risks Arise in Interdisciplinary MD-DC Practice, Challenging Integrative Medicine Model.

(0) Former Harvard Medical School Professor, Author of 6 leading books on Health and Wellness Law, Recognized for his contribution to international health law and policy.  Michael H. Cohen is a thought leader in health care law, pioneering legal strategies and solutions for clients in traditional and emerging healthcare markets.

By Michael H. Cohen, Michael H. Cohen Law Firm When medical doctors collaborate with other licensed healthcare providers (such as chiropractors) in a multidisciplinary, clinical care or integrative medicine setting, legal risks can arise that require careful navigation.  Integrative medicine and multidisciplinary clinical care When we create new models of healthcare, or models that cut… Read More ›

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WEBINAR: Wed, Oct. 5, 1-1:45pm ET — “Choosing the Right EHR for Your Direct Care Practice”

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Event Listing, Wednesday, October 5, 1-1:45pm ET Choosing the Right EHR for Your Direct Care Practice Register for a webinar on Wednesday, October 5, at 1pm ET featuring Dr. Bruce Jung, a leader in direct primary care (DPC), who will discuss his experiences in running a successful DPC practice. He’ll also detail the importance of… Read More ›

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POLICY: Republican delegates re-file three bills that Gov. Terry McAuliffe vetoed

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Republicans in the state legislature have re-filed three bills that Gov. Terry McAuliffe vetoed this year, dealing with health care, school security officers and labor unions. Monday, July 18, 2016 12:45 pm By ANDREW CAIN Richmond Times-Dispatch The measures will be up for consideration in the General Assembly session that starts in January. Monday was… Read More ›

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RETAIL HEALTH: “MinuteClinic adds new travel-related services and immunizations”

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MinuteClinic nurse practitioners can provide guidance on prescribed travel-specific medications, over-the-counter medications, first aid supplies, food and water guidance and even mosquito bite prevention, if applicable. July 7, 2016 | By Michael Johnsen WOONSOCKET, R.I. – With the Rio 2016 Olympic Games starting next month, MinuteClinic on Thursday announced the addition of several new travel-related… Read More ›

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Text Messaging in My Healthcare Process, Now is the Time!

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With so many options for text messaging available today, what are our healthcare service providers waiting on, Now is the time! By Michael Hyman | Helping increase HIT and Data Assets Value September 15, 2016 – We have all become dependent on our smartphones and the many applications available to help us in all aspects… Read More ›