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NORTH CAROLINA: PCD Unveils the Employer Health Ownership Plan

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Aug 12th, 2013 – When talking with business owners about Direct Primary Care, we found that they understand the benefits of their employees developing long-term therapeutic relationships with providers who are empowered and incentivized to maximize health and wellness. The challenge comes in answering the employer’s question, “So how does Direct Primary Care integrate with my existing health plan?”

Until now, the answer has been that it doesn’t. So how do you scale Direct Primary Care so that employers and employees can benefit through their health plan?

We’re excited to announce the availability of the Employer Health Ownership Plan – an intelligent healthcare strategy supported by our technology that combines the benefits of Direct Primary Care as a foundation for affordable care with wrap-around insurance that allow employers of all sizes to take control of their health care costs.

We invite you to learn more at our Web site (with links to information for Employers, Advisors, and Providers) and contact us for more information.


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