EDITOR: What Is Something That Is Missing (in 2016) From The DPC Discussion Online & In The Media?

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Trending Topic This Month: What Is Something That Is Missing From The DPC Discussion Online & In The Media?

Answer: Scholarships

By DPC Journal, Editor in Chief

“It is worth noting that the greatest direct practice enrollment decline since 2013 has been in plans that cost $76-$100 per month while the greatest enrollment increase has been in plans that cost less than $50 per month. …consumers who can’t buy health care coverage on the Exchange, such as undocumented immigrants …”

Source: Wash. State OIC Report, Dec. 2015; Table 2 on page 13, 20

“You have to stop thinking like a doctor. This is not about doctoring. This is about getting to know people.” ~Barbara Moran, president of Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program and a member of the Boston University School of Medicine’s general medicine division

“I take care of heroine and Vicodin addicts…” ~Physician, Fort Worth, TX

“… one of the greatest talking points physicians have in the media today is the ‘scholarships’ being given inside these practices. We’ve learned over the years that in Concierge Medicine alone there are an average of 7% of a physicians panel on scholarship and the same trend is happening in DPC according to early polling data.” ~Editor, DPC Journal

“The homeless population shows us the weaknesses in the mainstream system before you see it anywhere else. The seven- or ten-minute time we have in the exam room rarely works with homeless people. If you try to go fast, you’ll have terrible outcomes. If you slow down, your outcomes become much, much better.” ~Dr. Jim O’Connell, Boston, Mass.

“… we need to highlight the charity care that these practices provide. ” ~John Blanchard MD CEO Premier Private Physicians Management LLC

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