BUSINESS, INNOVATION: Strategies such as self-funding, defined contribution, direct primary care, integrated benefits (enhanced [formerly voluntary] benefits and …

Use innovation to challenge the status quo, change the game and motivate your prospect to change the status quo, to fire the incumbent and hire you.

 By Nelson Griswold

OCTOBER 2016 – Dan Thompson of Gulfshore Insurance in Naples, Fla., sat in stunned silence, staring at his phone. He had just booked a meeting on a cold call with the HR director of a 13,000-life school district. Thompson and Gulfshore worked small- to mid-market groups … never one this large. So what did he say to get the meeting? Leveraging an innovative data-analytics program, he offered to show the school district millions of dollars in cost savings on its medical and Rx spends. Thompson is using innovation to level the playing field and compete against national firms. He is in the vanguard of advisers across the country who are using innovation — disruptive, game-changing resources and strategies — to open doors, get appointments and close business.




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