DPC Journal SPOTLIGHT: “Direct primary care to hit Westfield Dec. 1” [INDIANA]

By Anna Skinner

After months of developing its direct primary care business model, Freedom Healthworks found its first business partner in Westfield Premier Physicians, a practice owned by doctors Robert and Elaine Habig for the past 36 years. Dr. Mary Pat Forkin is a partner as well. By switching to direct primary care, an action that will go into effect Dec. 1, the practice can eliminate the insurance companies out of the exam room.     “It’s just direct care between the patient and doctors,” Elaine said. “We get the insurance company out of the exam room. Most people pick their doctor because of who signs up with their insurance company instead of being able to choose the doctor they want.”  Under direct primary care, Westfield Premier Physicians will use a subscription-type service as well as services and tests clearly listed with prices. Doctors will spend more time with patients overall.





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