MEDPAGE: My Answer to Direct Primary Care ‘Evangelists’ ~B. Doherty, ACP

It is fine — in fact, imperative — that there be more research on the impact of DPCs on quality, cost, and access. However, the evangelical strain of the DPC movement that seeks to convert ACP, and everyone else, to endorsing the movement — i.e., you’re either for them or against them — is not going to result in the respectful, evidence-based dialogue that is needed.

  • By Bob Doherty American College of Physicians

OCTOBER 13, 2016 – One thing I’ve learned is that physicians who have gone into direct primary care (DPC) practices are passionate about their decision: they not only believe that DPC is better for their patients and their own professional and career satisfaction, but many assert DPC is the answer to just about everything ailing primary care. There is an evangelical fervor among some DPC advocates to spread the word and convert other primary care physicians to their cause. It’s no surprise to me, then, that many of them have expressed frustration — to put it mildly — that ACP has decided not to endorse or promote DPCs. Instead, our 2015 position paper, for which I was the lead author on behalf of the College’s Medical Practice and Quality Committee, aims to provide a balanced and evidence-based assessment of the potential impact on patients of practices that have one or more of the following three features:

READ MORE …Today’s question: what is your opinion of Direct Primary Care? CLICK HERE TO GO TO MEDPAGE to read Comments …Bob Doherty is senior vice president of government affairs and public policy at the American College of Physicians and author of the ACP Advocate Blog, where a version of this post originally appeared.



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