WoHIT: Showcasing the human face of healthcare

By HIT Central EU

One of the highlights of this year’s World of Health IT (WoHIT) will certainly be Dr Zubin Damania, an internal medicine physician from San Francisco – otherwise known as ZdoggMD – who will be giving a keynote on ‘bringing the humanity back to healthcare’.

“The focus is going to be how we transform healthcare from 2.0, which is healthcare as a business, to health 3.0 which brings back the human heart of it and uses technology to enable a deeper human relationship driven by outcomes,” says Zdogg.

He will also speak about Turntable Health, a direct primary care clinic he founded in Downtown Las Vegas, US, in his own words, “a primary care rethink where we change our pay, we are paid to keep people well. We use an EHR created by ourselves that isn’t a billing platform but rather a collaborative care platform that works with patients to provide good outcomes. We use a team-based approach that leverages non-clinicians like health coaches to help motivate behavioural change in patients with and without chronic disease.”


Read the full HealthTech Wire interview here  We need to bring the humanity back to healthcare



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