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LISTEN (All-New) The DocPreneur Podcast: James J. Eischen, Jr., and CMT/DPC Journal Discuss an Emerging 3rd Model in Private, Direct Medicine … “Brand X”

James J. Eischen, Jr., Esq., Partner at HIGGS, FLETCHER & MACK LLP
Dr. Tom Price at the CMT Assembly (Atlanta, GA) speaking with Concierge Medicine Physicians. Source: Concierge Medicine Today; The DPC Journal

Dr. Tom Price at the CMT Assembly (Atlanta, GA) speaking with Concierge Medicine Physicians. Source: Concierge Medicine Today; The DPC Journal

LISTEN | ALL-NEW INTERVIEW, NOV 2016 — LIVE from the 2016 Concierge Medicine ASSEMBLY

By Michael Tetreault, Editor in Chief | The DPC Journal | Concierge Medicine Today

Description: (“Brand X” may incl. Evidence-Based Medicine Outcome Data, mHealth, Genetic Testing, Whole Genome Sequencing, Data, foreign and domestic advanced medical research, Apps, health coaching and more).

In this episode, James J. Eischen, Jr., Esq., catches up with DocPreneur Podcast host Michael Tetreault at the 2016 Concierge Medicine Assembly in Atlanta, GA. They discuss the emerging market of “BRAND X” in private medicine.

“This is really going to take off and it is another version of private medicine. It is not necessarily an exclusive category [at this time],” says Eischen. “It may include mHealth, Genetic Testing, Apps, health coaching, etc. It seems to be an opporunity to explore. It has the same challenges as private medicine. It [also] has some advantages over the other models for using HSA or FSA dollars.”

NATIONAL NEWS: & Concierge Medicine Today Announce Partnership to Help Physicians Bring Whole Genome Sequencing & Genetic Data to Life via Innovative Apps & Tools

Concierge Medicine Today (CMT), the national trade publication, recently released a statement discussing the role of other technologies and their use and application in private, direct medicine. To Read these statements, go to:…statements/

“If I were to ask you to describe how you picture your life in ten years, chances are you could paint a fairly clear picture,” adds Tetreault. “DNA data with the continuous interaction and direction of a [Concierge or DPC] physician ushers in a healthcare utopia. In this way, it simplifies decision making using data, not practice.”

James Eischen is a California attorney with more than 26 years of experience representing commercial interests locally, nationally and internationally. His clients have included medical groups/physicians, software/IT companies, industrial enterprises, financial institutions, real estate developers/managers and telecommunications conglomerates. His expertise extends to managing all facets pertaining to business representation: from formation to contractual relations and managing disputes/transitions. He has experience working with mergers and acquisitions, shareholder/board issues, IP transactions, venture capital investment, and general employment risk management and documentation. Since 2009, Mr. Eischen has worked with healthcare clients in matters involving licensing and regulatory issues, including compliance with Medicaid and Medicare. He also advises in matters connected to reimbursement, contracts, interdisciplinary health professional employment and labor issues, HIPAA compliance, and the fast growing membership-based direct primary care (DPC) service approach targeting employers and individuals. He has done credentialing work for physician independent practice associations. His expertise includes structuring physician-patient agreements and medical group amenity packages/structures, and assisting companies delivering wellness products or programs, to ensure reimbursement and privacy compliance. Mr. Eischen became a national expert in structuring consumer/patient financial contribution and reimbursement models for private/concierge medical groups and healthcare IT product developers to achieve federal legal compliance. He has worked as a consultant/founder with medical groups, electronic health record software firms, cardiovascular testing and health coaching enterprises, and venture capital groups exploring healthcare opportunities.As an authority within the direct/private medical law field, Mr. Eischen is frequently featured as a guest speaker at American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), American Academy of Private Physicians (AAPP), and various national physician organizations. He regularly writes about different topics in medical law. Mr. Eischen is also providing direct medicine billing compliance presentations for various integrative medicine groups throughout the country. Mr. Eischen enthusiastically works to enable private medical solutions that enhance wellness while decreasing plan utilization, and to support healthcare IT innovations nationally and internationally.


EDITOR’S NOTE on the ABOVE INTERVIEW: “What we’ve learned in healthcare innovation of the past decade is that when new terms are introduced into the marketplace, the terminology that the ‘media’ uses mosts, wins. It will be exciting to see this emerging third discovery in private medicine evolve over the next several months …” ~Michael Tetreault, Editor, CMT, The DPC Journal


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