AAPP: Advocating for Private Direct Practice Models

The American Academy of Private Physicians (AAPP), is the nation’s oldest forum and advocate for private direct medicine (concierge, direct primary care, and connected care models). The AAPP recently held its final 2016 conference in San Francisco. The event included physicians, healthcare technology innovators, and prominent guest speakers on the cutting edge of all three private direct medicine models.  What continues to stimulate interest in all three private direct care models? First, concern and confusion about MACRA and ongoing plan reforms. And second, a desire to create practice models better designed to meet the needs of both patients AND physicians. The conference included roundtable sessions and moderated panel discussions that offered participants exposure to AAPP board members for open dialogue, problem-solving methods, and mutual support.  I had the privilege of presenting at this conference on four major topics addressing:  Navigation through the rapidly evolving plan reform schemes with subscription offerings; Medicare participatory versus opted-out models; data privacy essentials; and, general private direct practice compliance under federal and state laws.




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