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RESOURCES: Peer Recommended Business Books for Physicians In 2017

Peer Recommended | Book

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The Business Side of Medicine: What Medical Schools Don’t Teach You

By Tom Harbin

Dr. Harbin wrote this book to fill the gap: to help doctors deal with the business aspects of medicine, help doctors in training learn how to evaluate opportunities for the future, and assist practicing doctors in dealing with the questions arising every day and when planning for the future.

Paperback | Kindle Edition

Stories From the Shadows: Reflections of a Street Doctor
Paperback –  April, 2015 — by James J. O’Connell

Paperback …

Dr. O’Connell’s collection of stories and essays, written during thirty years of caring for homeless persons in Boston, gently illuminates the humanity and raw courage of those who struggle to survive and find meaning and hope while living on the streets.

Peer Recommended | Book | BUSINESS

Doctors_Guide_COVER_2015_10x17_FINAL_1The Doctor’s Guide to Concierge Medicine and Direct Primary Care

By Michael Tetreault and Catherine Sykes

Whether you’re the owner of an existing medical practice or looking for guidance and advice to start your own concierge medicine or cash-based practice, The Doctor’s Guide To Concierge Medicine helps you discover an old-fashioned delivery model of medicine in a modern economy. It will help you follow important steps required for conducting business, set realistic expectations and grow your practice by following in the steps and advice relayed directly to us by physicians across the country over the past decade.

What You’ll Learn In This Book: Physician expertise shared by over two dozen successful industry leading Concierge Medicine doctors and Direct Primary Care physicians; Advice on choosing the right business model; Legal information to help you play by the rule; Guidance on business planning and launch; Hints for effective patient communication and proven strategies to acquire new patients; Marketplace research; latest policy updates and so much more!

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Peer Recommended | Book | Business | Customer Service

The Nordstrom Way to Customer Service Excellence:

The Handbook For Becoming the “Nordstrom” of Your Industry

Paperback – March 5, 2012 by Robert Spector (Author), Patrick D. McCarthy (Author)

Paperback … | Kindle …

The Nordstrom Way shows the direct link between empowering your employees and creating a long-term relationship with your customers. More businesses should follow Nordstrom’s example. Howard Schultz, Chairman, Starbucks Coffee

Virtually every company wants to be the Nordstrom of their industry. Nordstrom is one of only five companies to make Fortune’s “best companies to work for” and “most admired” list every year the surveys have been taken. Despite its position in the hard-hit retail sector, Nordstrom, with 193 stores in 28 states, never experienced a quarterly loss during the recent economic downturn. The Nordstrom Way to Customer Service, Second Edition explains what every business can learn from the world’s most famous customer-service-driven company.

New material in this revised edition includes:

  • “How To Become The Nordstrom Of Your Industry”
  • Tools for creating a customer-driven culture
  • Chapters on Nordstrom’s online customer service and the innovative social commerce features of its website
  • Breakthroughs on Nordstrom’s multi-channel approach to customer service

Nordstrom follows a set of principles that has made it a leader in its industry. Discover what endears Nordstrom to its customers, and learn how to apply those same standards to your company.

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Click Here to Learn More About DocPreneurship and Educational Resources Available to Subscription-based Healthcare Practitioners >

Peer Recommended | Book | Insurance | HSAs

The HSA Owner’s Manual (Paperback)

This book is the owner’s manual that did not come with your HSA. Health Savings Accounts are becoming a more common part of average Americans’ lives. Paired with HSA-qualified health plans, they cover a growing number of Americans’ health care costs. And the trends indicate that they’ll become an even more important part of more people’s health care in the future.

Can Physician “Concierge Fees” be Reimbursed From a Health FSA or HSA?

So where do you turn for complete information on remaining compliant with HSA rules and regulations and maximizing the short-term and long-term tax advantages of your HSA? Right here, with this book. HSA Owner’s Manual is the most comprehensive guide to HSAs available anywhere.

“My projections for the 2017 HSA amounts.” ~Mr. HSA Guy

This book is the owner’s manual that did not come with your HSA. If you follow the advice in this book, you’ll keep your HSA in compliance with current HSA rules and regulations. You’ll also learn about sources of updated information as the IRS releases new rules and interpretations and as the Department of Health and Human Services issues health care reform regulations that impact HSAs. Your HSA trustee may offer similar information, but probably not in an easy-to-understand format and certainly not in a single volume.


Peer Recommended | Book

Now, Discover Your Strengths

By Marcus Buckingham

Unfortunately, most of us have little sense of our talents and strengths, much less the ability to build our lives around them. Instead, guided by our parents, by our teachers, by our managers, and by psychology’s fascination with pathology, we become experts in our weaknesses and spend our lives trying to repair these flaws, while our strengths lie dormant and neglected.

Paperback | Kindle Edition

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Peer Recommended | Book

Ordering Your Private World

By Gordon MacDonald

We have schedule planners, computerized calendars,and self-stick notes to help us organize our business and social lives everyday. But what about organizing the other side of our lives―the spiritual side?  One of the great battlegrounds of the new century is within the private world of the individual.The values of our Western culture incline us to believe that the busy, publicly active person in ministry  is also the most spiritual.  Tempted to give imbalanced attention to the public world at the expense of the private, we become involved in more programs, more meetings. Our massive responsibilities at home, work, and church have resulted in a lot of good people on the verge of collapse.  In this timely update of his classic Ordering Your Private World, Gordon MacDonald equips a new generation to live life from the inside out, cultivating the inner victory necessary for public effectiveness.

Paperback | Amazon

Peer Recommended | Book

Concierge Medicine: A New System to Get the Best Healthcare

By Steven D. Knope, M.D.

Concierge doctors customize a nutrition and exercise program unique to the needs of each individual. Yet there are detractors who argue Concierge Medicine is unfair, because it allows just those who can afford it unlimited access to a doctor. Knope confronts that question of medical ethics also. This book will doubtless stimulate not only ideas and action, but wide discussion and debate.

Paperback | Kindle Edition

Peer Recommended | Book

Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work that Matters

By Jon Acuff

Wall Street Journal best-selling author Jon Acuff reveals the steps to getting unstuck and back onto the path of being awesome. There are only two paths in life: average and awesome. The average path is easy because all you have to do is nothing. The awesome path is more challenging, because things like fear only bother you when you do work that matters. The good news is Start gives readers practical, actionable insights to be more awesome, more often.

Paperback | Kindle Edition

Peer Recommended | Book

How to Hug a Porcupine: Easy Ways to Love the Difficult People in Your Life

Most of us know someone who, for whatever reason, always seems to cause problems, irritate others, or incite conflict. Often, these people are a part of our daily lives. The truth is that these trouble makers haven’t necessarily asked to be this way.  Sometimes we need to learn new approaches to deal with people who are harder to get along with or love.  How to Hug a Porcupine: Easy Ways to Love Difficult People in Your Life, explains that making peace with others isn’t as tough or terrible as we think it is–especially when you can use an adorable animal analogy and apply it to real-life problems. Among other tips, How to Hug a Porcupine includes: Three easy ways to end an argument; How to spot the porcupine in others; and How to spot the porcupine in ourselves.

Hardcover – March 10, 2009 by June Eding (Editor) and Dr. Debbie Ellis (Contributor)

Peer Recommended | Book

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…And Others Don’t

By Jim Collins

Are there companies that defy gravity and convert long-term mediocrity or worse into long-term superiority? And if so, what are the universal distinguishing characteristics that cause a company to go from good to great?

Paperback | Kindle Edition

Peer Recommended | Book

48 Days to the Work You Love: Preparing for the New Normal

By Dan Miller

Step by step, this updated edition of 48 Days to the Work You Love reveals the process for creating a Life Plan and translating that plan into meaningful and fulfilling daily work.

Paperback | Kindle Edition

Peer Recommended | Book

Modern Clinic Design: Strategies for an Era of Change, 1st Edition

Written by Christine Guzzo Vickery (Editor), Gary Nyberg (Editor), Douglas Whiteaker (Editor)

Designers not only need to know the different requirements for each of these spaces, but also understand how certain design strategies affect the patient’s experience in the space. This book explores all aspects of clinic design, and describes how aesthetics and functionality can merge to provide a positive experience for patients, staff, and healthcare providers. * Understand how recent industry developments impact facility design * Learn how design strategies can help create a positive patient experience * Examine emerging clinic models that are becoming increasingly prevalent * Analyze the impact of technology on clinic design A well-designed clinic is essential for the well-being of the patients and health care providers that occupy the space every day. The healthcare industry is shifting, and the healthcare design industry must shift with it to continue producing spaces that are relevant to ever-evolving patient and worker needs. For complete guidance toward the role of design, Modern Clinic Design is a thorough, practical reference.

Written by a team of veteran healthcare interior designers, architects, and engineers, this book addresses the impacts of evolving legislation, changing technologies, and emerging nontraditional clinic models on clinic design, and illustrates effective design strategies for any type of clinic. Readers will find innovative ideas about lean design, design for flexibility, and the use of mock-ups to prototype space plans within a clinic setting, and diagrammed examples including waiting rooms, registration desks, and exam rooms that demonstrate how these ideas are applied to real-world projects. Spurred on by recent healthcare legislation and new technological developments, clinics can now offer a greater variety of services in a greater variety of locations.

Hardcover | Kindle Edition

dpc-ann-report-2016-26ANNUAL REPORT 2016-2017

2016-2017 DPC Journal Annual Report &
Market Trends Analysis Report

Download Now Available | (Document Length: 47-pages)

First Qtr. 2017 – The independent Report, contains both physician insight, as well as industry thought-leader contributions. The report highlights the…


Peer Recommended | Book

The Patient Will See You Now: The Future of Medicine is in Your Hands

By Eric Topol, MD

In this new era, patients will control their data and be emancipated from a paternalistic medical regime in which “the doctor knows best.” Mobile phones, apps, and attachments will literally put the lab and the ICU in our pockets. The Patient Will See You Now is essential reading for anyone who thinks they deserve better health care. That is, for all of us.

Paperback | Kindle Edition

Peer Recommended | Book

The Lean CEO: Leading the Way to World-Class Excellence

By Jacob Stoller (Author)

As organizations strive to do more with less, many are turning to Lean methodology, which is based on the same techniques that propelled the legendary turnaround of Japan’s industrial sector after World War II. Few leaders, however, understand that the real secret behind Lean is a comprehensive approach to management that differs significantly from what is taught in business school. Lean initiatives, consequently, are rarely led by senior management, and seldom lead to significant change.

Hardcover | EBook (Amazon)

Peer Recommended | Book

The Medical Entrepreneur

By Steven M. Hacker MD

The book provides tips, steps, pearls, and pitfalls written in a concise manner. Busy doctors with little time can quickly access critical cost saving information when joining or starting a private practice.

Paperback | Kindle Edition

Peer Recommended | Book

The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles

By Steven Pressfield

A succinct, engaging, and practical guide for succeeding in any creative sphere, The War of Art is nothing less than Sun-Tzu for the soul. hat keeps so many of us from doing what we long to do? Why is there a naysayer within? How can we avoid the roadblocks of any creative endeavor—be it starting up a dream business venture, writing a novel, or painting a masterpiece? Bestselling novelist Steven Pressfield identifies the enemy that every one of us must face, outlines a battle plan to conquer this internal foe, then pinpoints just how to achieve the greatest success. The War of Art emphasizes the resolve needed to recognize and overcome the obstacles of ambition and then effectively shows how to reach the highest level of creative discipline. Think of it as tough love . . . for yourself. Whether an artist, writer or business person, this simple, personal, and no-nonsense book will inspire you to seize the potential of your life.

Paperback | Amazon

Peer Recommended | Book

Branding Concierge Medicine

By Michael Tetreault

branding concierge medicine book tetreault

This book is a best-seller in its class! The book explores the popularity of concierge medicine across the U.S. and examines recent data and surveys inside these medical practices – showing how exactly they are growing and why. Tetreault also outlines the specific marketing and branding strategies being used, both online and offline and how each concierge medical practice can follow six simple rules to reinforce and communicate their brand in their local community.

Concierge medicine has always had somewhat of a “brand/identity” problem in the media, amongst patients and in the widely discussed health care debate. But in general, the term concierge medicine is used to describe a modern-day relationship with a doctor in which the patient pays an affordable fee for access and cost effective care with their primary care of family physician. BRANDING CONCIERGE MEDICINE explores the popularity of concierge medicine across the U.S. and examines recent data and surveys inside these medical practices – showing how exactly they are growing and why. Tetreault also outlines the specific marketing and branding strategies being used, both online and offline and how each concierge medical practice can follow six simple rules to reinforce and communicate their brand in their local community.

Paperback | Kindle Edition

Peer Recommended | Book


By Jon Acuff

Have you ever felt caught between the tension of a day job and a dream job? That gap between what you have to do and what you’d love to do?  It’s time to close the gap. It’s time to be a Quitter.

Hardcover | Kindle Edition

Peer Recommended | Book


By Andy Stanley

Everybody ends up somewhere in life. You can end up somewhere on purpose!  Visioneering is the engineering of a vision. It’s the process one follows to develop and maintain vision. “Vision,” writes Andy Stanley, “is a clear mental picture of what could be, fueled by the conviction that it should be.”

Paperback | Kindle Edition



Staffing Guide: Insight Into Retainer-Based Medicine Staffing Practices & Challenges

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When you hire someone for a role in your retainer or membership medical practice, you can’t forget that you’re also hiring him or…



What Every Doctor Should Know About Gaining and Retaining Referrals

Courtesy of Our Friends and Marketing Experts at Practice Builders —  With so much competition, referrals don’t come as easily as they used to… unless you take action to secure them. Referrals are the lifeblood of your practice. Keeping a steady stream of referrals virtually guarantees you a more prosperous, rewarding and fulfilling professional life. But how do you obtain referrals?

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KINDLE eBOOK | Softcover Edition | Bulk Pricing Avail.

BOOK | Direct Primary Care Consumer Guide: 3rd Ed.

DPC Consumer Guide cover_2017 FULL copy1000Download Now Available

2017-2018 Edition – Simple, basic, smart, Patient Education Guide … Learn the basics about this emerging healthcare delivery model in healthcare and revolutionizing the primary care physician office and forever…

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IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS of DPC/CONCIERGE PRACTICES Nationwide & Medical Malpractice Comparison Cases from 2004 to 2015 shows Concierge Medicine Doctors have far fewer medical malpractice claim payments than managed care MDs and DOs.

IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS of DPC/CONCIERGE PRACTICES Nationwide & Medical Malpractice Comparison Cases from 2004 to 2015 shows Concierge Medicine Doctors have far fewer medical malpractice claim payments than managed care MDs and DOs.


Ten Plus Year Analysis of Concierge Medicine Malpractice Cases Show That Physicians Can Receive Steep Discounts From Liability Carriers Across U.S.

  • The HHS’ Office of the Inspector General (OIG) published the results of three investigations from 2003-2013 related to the overcharging of Medicare patients.
  • In a fourth case, according to several news reports in early 2015, a Florida jury awarded an $7 million judgment against a Florida doctor in a case that may have hinged on marketing practices as much as it did on medical malpractice.
  • Details of the cases and a high-level comparison can be found in a educational Infographic provided by The Collective at or

Purchase Malpractice Infographic Here … $45

“Facebook Marketing For Doctors” by Michael Tetreault

facebookfordoctorsPaperback $7.95 >> | Kindle Edition $0.99 >>

You would be hard-pressed to find a demographic not yet represented among Facebook’s one billion users. The investment of time and resources is worth it. Currently, Facebook remains dominant in many categories including time spent on any U.S. website according to the NM Incite – the numbers are truly staggering to look at. Facebook visitors spent over 53.5 billion total minutes on their site in 2010 according to the Neilson, Netview, Home and Work (May 2011) study of the Top 10 Web Brands.

What business can’t afford to spend 20-minutes each day reaching out to current customers and their friends? In this book, Tetreault will walk you through some very basic steps that every business owner can do in just 20-minutes each day. He will share with you industry tips and resources from his own experience building and managing brands on Facebook. He will also highlight some of the more complicated and little-known secrets that anyone can do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This book will walk you through everything you need to know about getting started with Facebook. It will simplify your marketing efforts and help your business find real results!


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