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NBC Nightly News: “DPC, A Better Way to Pay for Healthcare?” [Contrib. Sources: David Cunningham, MD; DPC Journal; DPC Coalition; and others.]

Direct Primary Care: A Better Way to Pay for Healthcare?

“After learning about the growing Direct Primary Care movement I immediately knew this was the model of care I was looking for my entire career.  I feel very fortunate to have the love and support of my family throughout the creation of Infinity Family Care, and to have found a kindred spirit and partner in Wendy Cohen.” ~David Cunningham, MD Co-Founder, Infinity Family Care

ncb news dpc 201723

“DPC shrinks the gap and says ‘Yes’ in a world of ‘No,'” said Michael Tetreault, editor of The DPC Journal in an interview with NBC Nightly News on March 30, 2017. “Inside each office is a significant and important message … it is a message that starts a conversation, creates common ground and true connection between patient and physician, mother and doctor, employer and employees and so many others. It shrinks the gap and enhances relationship.”

“We [The DPC Journal staff], work tirelessly [sometimes for several weeks and months with reporters] to educate and connect physicians with those in all national and local media … and who have had great success at spreading the message about new healthcare delivery lines and services. This is a conversation with an important message … one that supersedes political lines and is about common sense, cost, transparency, healthcare savings and ultimately, caring for those who do not feel cared for in our communities.”

Fri, Apr 14 | Cunningham, Sylvia (NBCUniversal); Additional Contributions to this story from Jay Keese, DPC Coalition; David Cunningham, MD
Co-Founder, Infinity Family Care; Michael Tetreault, Editor, The DPC Journal.

This kind of primary care allows patients to bypass insurance and pay a flat rate to see their doctor for basic services.


SOURCE: NBC Nightly News; April 14, 2017; The Direct Primary Care Journal, March 30-31, 2017; http://www.nbcnews.com/nightly-news/video/direct-primary-care-a-better-way-to-pay-for-healthcare-921649219941


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