EVENT: “Dear Friends of Free Market Healthcare,” — Thursday, April 20th, 2017 | 630pm | Muskegon, MI


Dear Friends of Free Market Healthcare –

(By Sen. Patrick Colbeck — Michigan State Senator, 7th District Angela Kaminski— Benefit Choices Medi-Share Representative)

We are still having a special Saturday symposium on the west-side of Michigan later this week (see below).  However, we wanted to draw your attention to two additional events, one tomorrow in Muskegon, and one early next week in St. Clair Shores.

Find the details for tomorrow’s Muskegon event, both attached and here:

Information on the St. Clair Shores meeting can be found on our website, here:

Saturday’s large symposium in Zeeland will feature seven expert speakers, including Dr. Chad Savage, Theresa McIntosh (Health Share Plan DPC), Dr. Roland Tindle, Gaylene Hanson (The Kempton Group),  Mark Blocher (Christian Healthcare Centers), and Tammy Kipen (Medi-Share).  The Q&A Panel will also include Dr. Ken Fisher and others.  The main speakers are geared towards anyone who wants to take back control of their family’s healthcare, but the event will also include special breakout sessions and meet-and-greet opportunities for:

  • –           Physicians looking to start a new Direct Primary Care practice, or to add DPC patients to their existing practice
  • –           Business leaders who would like to learn more on self-funded insurance to offer better quality care to their employees while having those same employees pay less
  • –           Alternative Christian healthcare delivery models that are free from insurance and are still ACA compliant

The event is free, and you can attend only the sessions you choose.  For further details, contact event organizer Steve Redmond at

Hope to see you at any of these three exciting and important events!

SOURCE: Sen. Patrick Colbeck — Michigan State Senator, 7th District Angela Kaminski— Benefit Choices Medi-Share Representative


Respectfully in Service,

The Office of State Sen. Patrick Colbeck

7th District


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