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Colorado’s direct primary care bill: A better way to pay for healthcare?

John L Bender Comments: Kelsey, thank you for covering this very important piece of landmark legislation on the path to healthcare payment reform for Primary Care. One story clarification, as the orginal bill author (first filed in the House under Representative Perry Buck) the bill does not actually preclude HCPF and Medicaid Patients from experimenting with Direct Primary Care; It actually allows it! There are scenarios where it can, and will happen…..

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By Kelsey Ray | April 10, 2017

Coloradans frustrated with the high costs of primary healthcare, take heed: A bill to protect a lower-cost model heads today to the state House floor after passing committee in both chambers.


SOURCE: http://www.coloradoindependent.com/164806/colorado-direct-primare-care-healthcare


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