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GEORGIA, POLICY: “Some major legislative efforts mysteriously disappeared … [DPC]” ~Kelly McCutchen, President, GA Public Policy Foundation

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Kelly McCutchen is a native of Ellijay, Georgia, and a graduate of Georgia Tech. He was Assistant Vice President in the Trust Department of Trust Company Bank in Atlanta before joining the Foundation in 1993.

KELLY McCUTCHEN: 2017 legislative session misses many opportunities

By Kelly McCutchen, President, GA Public Policy Foundation

APRIL 22, 2017 – Last year, we wrote that the General Assembly is often, and appropriately, chided for passing last-minute bills with little debate or study. Once again this year, major legislation was crammed into the waning hours of the last day of the session. It was as ugly as the North Carolina-Gonzaga championship game. Several bills were hurriedly voted on after midnight; many legislators seemed more focused on tearing up papers for confetti in anticipation of Sine Die instead of studying the bills. Sadly, a major reform of adoption law, an income tax rate cut for Georgians and a minor expansion of school choice fell victim to the clock.

Some major legislative efforts mysteriously disappeared … Doctors who charge low monthly rates for cash-based primary care are left to operate in a gray area of the law because a two-page Direct Primary Care bill that had passed the Senate and two committees unanimously became stuck in the House Rules Committee.




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