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Buffett on Jeff Bezos, CNBC | Business of Healthcare, Concierge Medicine and More

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Summary Notes From the After-Party CNBC Interview – Part 2

Buffett is a Democrat, but his business partner, Charles T. Munger, is a Republican — and a rare one who has advocated a single-payer health care system. Under his plan, which Buffett agrees with, the United States would enact a sort of universal type of coverage for all citizens — perhaps along the lines of the Medicaid system — with an opt-out provision that would allow the wealthy to still get Concierge Medicine. ~Omaha, NE | May 2017 | Read More …

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Buffett on Jeff Bezos | May 16, 2017 | CNBC

Warren Buffett (TradesPortfolio) never thought he could pull off what he did. He has done it in two industries almost simultaneously that really do not have that much connection. He has never seen any person develop two really important industries at the same time and really be the operational guy in both. He has done a good job with the Washington Post on the side. You take cloud services. He thought he would have two years of runway. He got seven years. You do not want to give Bezos a seven-year head start. At the same time he is shaking up the whole retail world, he is also shaking up the IT world.




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