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ASI’s Healthcare Fund and Income Fund are both participating in PeakMed’s expansion project.

ASI Capital, LLC | Press Release | June 17, 2017

ASI Capital’s managing partners Clem Borkowski and Sean Hawkins recently announced growth financing for PeakMed, an innovative new healthcare services company based in Englewood, Colorado. ASI’s Healthcare Fund and Income Fund are both participating in PeakMed’s expansion project.

Since it’s founding in 2014, PeakMed has become a respected national leader in primary health care, defining what has come to be known as “Direct Primary Care.” Direct Primary Care is a revolutionary new business model which bypasses insurance, enabling individuals and businesses to sign-up with an affordable monthly, fixed membership rate.

PeakMed goes far beyond the traditional offerings of conventional primary care services such as check-ups, physicals, and diagnostic reports. PeakMed’s physicians also handle sprains and re-setting of broken bones, sutures and other services normally reserved for Urgent Care units and Emergency Rooms.

Additionally, PeakMed provides free EKGs, Pulmonary Function Testing, Body Scan Analysis, and more. PeakMed saves their members even more, with wholesale pricing at their on-site lab and pharmacy at all of their health centers.

“There are no deductibles to pay, zero co-pays, and no red tape. It’s all about you and your doctor, the way healthcare should be,” said PeakMed’s Co-founder and CEO Jon Hernandez. “We’re very excited about the future, knowing that ASI is here to share in our vision and support our effort to bring remarkable healthcare to the people of Colorado right here, right now.”

At PeakMed, there are no long waits and no rushed or impersonal appointments. Members can schedule same-day or next-day appointments. Plus, PeakMed doctors are available 24/7 via text, phone or mobile app for urgent or emergency advice, helping members avoid costly visits to the E.R. or Urgent Care.

ASI Capital recognizes the need for improving primary care delivery in the healthcare marketplace, and as Clem Borkowski commented, “We believe PeakMed’s innovative model and focus on proactive health has the potential to dramatically improve the quality of care, affordability, and access to primary care throughout the United States.”

For more information on PeakMed’s services, please visit PeakMed’s website at www.peakmed.com.

ASI Capital, LLC

ASI Capital, LLC, a private debt and equity firm based in Colorado Springs, CO, helps individual investors invest with confidence in the ‘real’ economy. We offer access to investments based on alternative strategies – investments that fall outside the ‘traditional’ stock and bond markets.

SOURCE: Press Release; https://asicapitalcoloradosprings.wordpress.com/2017/06/17/fund-investmentpeakmed-direct-primary-care-asi-capital-colorado-springs/


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