In Qliance’s Wake: Lessons for DPC | Dino William Ramzi MDCM MPH

By Dino William Ramzi MDCM MPH

Jul 5, 2017 – Last month, DJ Wilson reflected on the announced closure of Qliance with general conclusions about the healthcare industry. However, some of his comments about primary care were inaccurate as they relate to the current market. One of the major issues regarding the Qliance experience is that the reasons for their failure are specific to Qliance and both their capital partners and insurance partners. The failure of Qliance should not be generalized to either direct primary care, or to the general world of primary care. Primary care is fairly unchanging and untouched by medical technology, almost by definition. The nature of primary care is focused on the patient-physician relationship, perhaps more than any other specialty. The failure of primary care is the failure of the system to properly emphasize its role as the engine of efficiency in healthcare. The effort to provide the right care to the right patient at the right time is not an issue of better defining the diagnostic or therapeutic technology. It is, at it has always been, the effect of knowing your patient and having both the time and opportunity to fully flesh out a patient’s priorities.




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