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N. CAROLINA | Duke | Precision Medicine Is Coming To a Doctor Near You [LISTEN]

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By Jennifer Brookland & Frank Stasio • May 24, 2017

Medicine is becoming more and more precise. Healthcare professionals have growing access to big data, computational power and genetic sequencing and testing. Advances such as genetic screenings that rule out ineffective chemotherapy treatments are already being used clinically. Many other diseases, from high cholesterol to depression, are also on the list to potentially benefit from getting more precise interventions.

Ep. 41 DocPreneur Podcast: Harnessing Medical Wisdom of Online Crowds to Solve Difficult Cases


Francis on what’s happening now in precision medicine:

Well, it’s pretty exciting. What we are about to launch in the coming months would be an unprecedented program to invite one million Americans to join in an effort to understand what are all of the environmental and genetic factors that play out at the individual level in keeping people healthy. Or if they develop a disease, how best to manage it. This so-called “All of Us” initiative…That’s the data set that, I think, is going to drive a lot of where we want to go in terms of this individualized approach to health maintenance and to management of chronic disease.


SOURCE: http://wunc.org/post/precision-medicine-coming-doctor-near-you#stream/0


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