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DPC Journal SPOTLIGHT | Meet “Christian Healthcare Centers” a religious 501(c) 3 not-for-profit direct primary care organization

Christian Healthcare Centers is a religious 501(c) 3 not-for-profit direct primary care organization seeking dedicated Christian individuals to join our distinctive faith-based healthcare center in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

What is Christian Healthcare Centers?

Christian Healthcare Centers, Inc. is a nondenominational not-for–profit (501c3) organization that exists to provide affordable, quality and comprehensive health care services to the Body of Christ. We believe that God wants His people to care for one another and to be good stewards of the gifts, talents and resources He entrusts to us.

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Why is an organization like Christian Healthcare Centers needed?

Simply stated, the reason CHC exists is stewardship. God calls believers to be good managers of the resources He provides. This includes being stewards of our health, our finances and the gifts and abilities with which we have been equipped. Christian medical professionals are called to steward their medical skills and knowledge. Christian patients are called to steward their physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing. Everyone is called to be better stewards of limited financial resources. CHC was founded to provide the Body of Christ with an effective way to fulfill an important part of Christian stewardship.

Although the Affordable Care Act claims to guarantee health care for everyone, it misses the mark on the affordable part. More and more patients and doctors are frustrated with the broken healthcare system in the United States. Although we have cutting edge medical technologies, therapies, medications and highly skilled practitioners, the models for healthcare delivery are inefficient and remain inaccessible to many. Patients pay more out of pocket for less access to their doctor. Experienced physicians retire from medical practice early because they spend more time filling out insurance paperwork than caring for patients. Christian Healthcare Centers’ medical model restores the doctor-patient relationship by removing insurance bureaucracies from getting in the way of patient care and by removing the fee-for-service model that reimburses physicians for merely seeing patients whether their health improves or not. The result of a model like CHC is healthier patients, happier doctors and improved healthcare. In short, better stewardship.

There is another important factor in CHC’s founding.  We are committed to deepening a greater sense of Christian community among the followers of Christ. We believe Christians must use gifts, abilities, professional expertise and resources to cause others to flourish, especially our brothers and sisters in Christ.


SOURCE: https://www.chcenters.org


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