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Measuring telehealth savings: Results from a claims-based study of LiveHealth Online

Looking for evidence about telehealth cost savings? A new review of claims data by HealthCore presents savings from LiveHealth Online. John Jesser, President, LiveHealth Online and Dr. Wally Adamson, Vice President, Anthem, present the results of a peer-reviewed paper, “Virtual Visits for Acute, Nonurgent Care: A Claims Analysis of Episode-Level Utilization.”

Dr. Wally Adamson, vice president of Anthem, recently presented the results of a claims-based study Anthem conducted on its telehealth service, LiveHealth Online (LHO). Below is a summary of the study’s findings:

  • Anthem, it employers and/or its members saw an average cost savings of $201 per episode
  • Episodes of care initiated on LHO are less costly than care at other locations for the same diagnosis
  • LHO visits replace urgent care visits more often than primary care
  • LHO has similar follow-up visit rates compared to other sites of care

You can watch Dr. Adamson’s full presentation here.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


SOURCE: http://go.americanwell.com/WC-2017-11-15AnthemROI_LP-Registration.html?utm_source=webinar&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=anthem_roi_wbn_recording&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiWlRJMU1UZGpORFEzTkRZeCIsInQiOiJPSU9sQVhmNjdDOXl6OWVUcmkwMnlcL0lcL2FaVEE0OFRxQVNONWFcL0xDNncyNG5VWHhvWmhlMEVPalBwekVwV1wvMXo0MzNIQjRBaUtIZWRGamtRNWpcL0FMMEZYWHozV2ZXNVNBdnVJamtQdm1Obk1KeVVJWTYzUVFIbDNVMkpocGlGIn0%3D


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