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LAMBERTS, MD: Reasonable Charges for a DPC Practice ~Physicians Practice

(White Paper) Pricing Strategies Inside Subscription-Based Healthcare Delivery Offices …

By Physicians Practice | December 06, 2017 | Practice Models, Patients, Payers | By Rob Lamberts, MD

There are two things that set direct primary care apart from other types of practice: payment by patients instead of third-party payers, and monthly payment instead of fee-for-service. These differences account for the notable difference in focus and atmosphere, allowing longer appointments, open scheduling, and a shift from in-office care to care via phone calls or text messaging. These two features are the definition of DPC.


SOURCE: http://www.physicianspractice.com/practice-models/reasonable-charges-dpc-practice?GUID=&rememberme=1&ts=07122017


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