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FOR DOCTORS, VIDEO, 2018 – “Review, Compare Those Popular DNA Tests: Pros and Cons 101”

CMT talks types Concierge Medicine offices, Genetic Tests we are seeing and hearing about everywhere today, Your waiting room design, exam room brochures, and so much more on our New FOR DOCTORS YouTube Channel … Click Here to WATCH ALL Videos and learn now  …

By Concierge Medicine Today, Editor

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018 – We sit down and compare two of the most popular limited, genetic DNA test kits on the market you may have heard about or recently learned about as a patient told you what they learned … one genetic test we ordered on Amazon and one Whole Genome Sequencing Test that is “Physician Ordered.” We unpack in this 20+ minute video comparison, the marketing behind the companies, objectives of the reports, the saliva sample kits themselves, privacy issues and the reports.


SOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3Gy948oxNw&t=12s


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