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New Ep 444. Meet CourMed, Encouragement From End-to-End In Healthcare.

Derrick is Founder/Chief Executive Officer at CourMed® — Photo Credit/Source: CourMed/Derrick L. Miles.

By The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast, Host, Michael Tetreault

Our special guest today is discussing one of our favorite topics, ‘encouragement in healthcare.’ I’m excited Derrick is joining us today to talk about CourMed and how they’re an innovative solution provider for access to better health and wellness.

LEARN MORE (https://www.courmed.com)

About CourMed

CourMed is an innovative healthcare and wellness company providing end-to-end concierge delivery of healthcare products and services in the comfort of homes/condos, corporate offices, luxury hotels, etc. Additionally, CourMed’s robust enterprise platform connects physicians, pharmacists and RN’s for seamless continuity of care for patients.

As a Concierge Healthcare Partner, you will have confidence that the concierge delivery of healthcare products and services (Prescriptions, High-End Vitamins/Supplements, CBD Oil, Immunonutrition Drinks, Monoclonal Antibodies, Infusions, COVID-19 Vaccines, etc.) will provide an encouraging experience to customers in the comfort of their home, condo, corporate office or even luxury hotel.

LEARN MORE (https://www.courmed.com)

CourMed Mission
Provide an encouraging experience through the concierge delivery of healthcare products and services.

LEARN MORE (https://www.courmed.com)

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