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Ep 453 | My 8 Year Old and Her Doctor (New Podcast)

LISTEN TO FULL EPISODE (19-minutes) Photo Credit/Source: Concierge Medicine Today, LLC. Summer 2022

Summer 2022

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief, Concierge Medicine Today/The DPC Journal, Host, The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast

Today we’re joined by my daughter, a lovable eight year old who is as observant as they come. We ask her a series of five simple questions ranging from exercise, eating healthy, to what advice she has FOR DOCTORS from her side of the exam room.

Some of the helpful questions referenced today came from TheSuburban.com, and an article titled Kids Health In 5 Easy Questions.

We hope you will sit back and enjoy this fun 20-minute discussion today and hopefully learn a little something too, I know I did!

LISTEN TO FULL EPISODE (Below) | iTunes | Spotify

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