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Ep 457 (New CMT Podcast) | “Physician Leadership and Entrepreneurship Lessons with Dr. Jonathan Baktari”

Every year we (CMT) host the industry’s annual medical education conference, THE CONCIERGE MEDICINE FORUM, presented/hosted by Concierge Medicine Today, LLC. There are a variety of sponsors, speakers and exhibitors. OCTOBER 20-22, 2022 in Atlanta GA at the Forsyth Conference Center. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE … Photo Credit/Source: Canva; (C) Concierge Medicine Today, LLC/The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast

The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast, By Concierge Medicine Today

Today our special guest is Jonathan Baktari, MD.

Currently, Dr. Baktari is the CEO of e7 Health and US Drug Test Centers. Dr. Baktari was formerly the Medical Director of The Valley Health Systems, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Culinary Health Fund. He also served as clinical faculty for several medical schools, including the University of Nevada and Touro University.

Jonathan Baktari MD brings over 20 years of clinical, administrative and entrepreneurial experience. He has been a triple board-certified physician with specialties in internal medicine, pulmonary and critical care medicine.

> Healthcare CEO
> Vaccine and COVID-19 Expert
> Pulmonary and Critical Care Expert
> Sought-After Speaker

Topics Discussed In This Interview Include:

+ The challenges and advantages of entrepreneurship within the healthcare industry
+ How to create a thriving, productive culture for employees
+ Entrepreneurial Skills Physicians Need To Elevate Their Business
+ Don’t Take A Leap, Build a Runway
+ The incentive to provide better service
+ Time Management Tips
+ Tribal Leadership
+ And more.


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