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SPOTLIGHT: “Hi, I’m Rob. I’m a recovering doctor …”

October 10, 2017

Five Years Sober September 28, 2017 | By Rob Lamberts Dr. Rob Lamberts is an internal medicine-pediatrics physician who blogs at Musings of a Distractible Mind.   Hi, I’m Rob.  I’m a recovering doctor Yeah, I know I used that line once before, but it’s a special day for me today.  Humor me.  Five years ago… Read More ›

The #1 Reason Patients Say They Quit Their Doctor Is Not Because of the Doctor … It’s the Staff!

(C) 2017 | The Direct Primary Care Journal The #1 Reason Patients Say They Quit Their Doctor Is Not Because of the Doctor … It’s the Staff! RUDE OFFICE MANAGER and/or STAFF. In some cases, physicians employ their wives as front office staff. In most practices, this is great. However, in some practices, when the… Read More ›

DPC Journal Poll: Are you moonlighting and starting a DPC Practice? If yes, doing what?

May 31, 2017  | According to a 2016-2017 Physician Poll by The Direct Primary Care Journal …   STARTUP and CLOSURES, DPC JOURNAL PHYSICIAN POLL, 2016-2017: Why My DPC Practice Failed? 28% Cited Lack of Interested Patients. 14% Cited Bad Judgement (Business Decisions) on My Part. 13% Cited Demographic(s) In My Area Couldn’t Support It…. Read More ›

Is the annual fee of $1,650 tax deductible? ~NPR [MDVIP]

When A Screening Test For Colon Cancer Leads To A Pricey Follow-Up August 30, 20165:00 AM ET By Michelle Andrews When DNA colon cancer screening tests find abnormalities, are patients discouraged about getting more diagnostic testing because of costs they will incur? And why do hospitals sometimes send a second bill for treatments given in… Read More ›

DPC Journal’s Mid-Year Metrics Show Continued Interest For DPC, 2016.

“Brand awareness is a bright spot in the market right now. As is Consumer interest. More people are seeking cost-effective, innovative free market healthcare delivery centers, such as the ones offered in the DPC market. Concerning polling trends show moonlighting abounds, uncertainty about opting out entirely [out of Medicare] and new patient acquisition remains a… Read More ›

FAQ: What IS Concierge Medicine ~By Cypress

May 30, 2016 We all know what it means to be a patient. The ever-constant anxiety while you wait for a week (or two) to get a consultation with your doctor, not knowing what’s wrong with your body. The fever, chills and shooting pain that comes with the flu, a broken bone or muscle spasm…. Read More ›

DPCJ Poll (2016): Average Cost of A DPC Monthly Fee?

TEXAS: Meet Remedy UC … This Austin Medical Startup is Trying to Bring Back the Old-Fashioned House Call.” ~KUT

By Hady Karl Mawajdeh APRIL 20. 2016 – It’s a wet and rainy day in Austin, and a couple of doctors from Remedy Urgent Care are about to hit the road. It’s a relatively new business in Austin – opened just five months ago – and it’s part of this new trend of online businesses… Read More ›