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Access Falters Amidst Good Patient Primary Care Relationships |

October 19, 2017

Sixty-one percent of patients said they would choose an urgent care or retail clinic over their PCP, despite good patient primary care relationships. By Sara Heath October 02, 2017 – Despite reported positive patient and primary care provider relationships, patients still experience barriers accessing care but see the upsides of urgent and retail care clinic… Read More ›

SPOTLIGHT: “Hi, I’m Rob. I’m a recovering doctor …”

Five Years Sober September 28, 2017 | By Rob Lamberts Dr. Rob Lamberts is an internal medicine-pediatrics physician who blogs at Musings of a Distractible Mind.   Hi, I’m Rob.  I’m a recovering doctor Yeah, I know I used that line once before, but it’s a special day for me today.  Humor me.  Five years ago… Read More ›

MP3 (LISTEN) Audio | Physician Succession and Recruitment Decision-Making | Inside Membership Medicine

MP3 (LISTEN) Audio | Physician Recruitment Decision-Making Inside Concierge Medicine Run Time: 26:43 seconds Description: Podcast Host and Editor, Michael Tetreault interviews the President of The National Association of Physician/Provider Recruiters, Craig Fowler, also the Vice President of Pinnacle Health Group (, a physician and mid-level healthcare provider recruitment firm. Pinnacle Health Group is a proactive… Read More ›

What’s Next for Retail Healthcare? | HealthLeaders Media

The Trend That Disrupted Healthcare Consumerism a Decade Ago Continues to Evolve. RELATED PODCAST | AUDIO | DPC JOURNAL INTERVIEW The DocPreneur | Business Podcast Ep. 50 | DocPreneur Podcast: DPC and EHR, Lean DPCs, Employer-Based DPC and Retail Healthcare Debra Shute, September 29, 2017 The majority (91%) of patients who recently used a retail… Read More ›

Flat-Fee Primary Care Helps Fill Niche For Texas’ Uninsured | KHN

Flat-Fee Primary Care Helps Fill Niche For Texas’ Uninsured By Charlotte Huff October 3, 2017 JARRELL, Texas — Darrell Kenyon had been punting for years on various medical issues — fatigue, headaches, mood swings. The 43-year-old uninsured carpenter was particularly worried about his blood pressure, which ran high when he checked it at the grocery… Read More ›

HINT HEALTH: “Fitting Direct Primary Care into a Corporate Benefit Plan”

January 12, 2016 By Hint Health Foundation of a Plan In order to create an effective, repeatable, and scalable plan, Craig Scurato advises practitioners to try to transform business owners’ perspectives. Most businesses think of direct primary care as an “add-on— something they’re adding on top of their benefit program,” when really, DPC needs to… Read More ›

(NEW, LISTEN) CEO of Red Hot Healthcare PODCAST Talks DPC on Episode 17: “Doctoring From The Good ‘Ol Days” ~Dr. S. Qamar, M. Tetreault, Editor of DPC Journal

By Steve Ambrose | Red Hot Healthcare Podcast FEBRUARY/MARCH 2017 – “When you can’t beat ‘em – LEAVE ‘EM. That’s the rallying cry and actions, taken by a frustrated, growing group of primary care physicians. Today we welcome Dr. Samir Qamar, CEO of MedLion and Michael Tetreault, Editor for the DPC Journal, Concierge Medicine Today, Concierge… Read More ›

2017 Infographic: DPC Physician Startup Survey — Results Now Available

ANNUAL STARTUP PHYSICIAN REPORT (2016-2017) 2017 Infographic, Physician Entry Startup Survey Download Now Available (Below) FEBRUARY 14, 2017 – What type of people and physicians are attracted to Direct Primary Care (DPC) practices? What are their backgrounds? Are they married? Are they younger or more experienced? What type of socio-economic patients do they typically represent… Read More ›