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SCHIMPFF, MD: “A New Way To Improve Primary Care Yet Reduce Total Costs.”

By Stephen Schimpff MD Author and Consultant in Health Care, Retired CEO University of Maryland Medical Center MARCH 9, 2016 – Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) in the current reimbursement model are obliged for business reasons to see too many patients per day which of course means less time per patient. PCPs are frustrated and patients… Read More ›

EDUCATION: “All-New BLUE PAPER PRESENTATION” — MD2B and Industry Insight Into Physicians Working With Employers, Needs, Wants, Data, Etc.

EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL |BLUE PAPER PRESENTATION Delivered Originally By Catherine Sykes and Bill Bennett, July 31-August 1st, 2015 in Atlanta, GA USA Analysis and PDF Technical Presentation reviewing the various aspects surrounding physicians partnering with employers. Our Blue Papers, (very different from White Papers) are usually written presentation drafted and presented to our healthcare and business… Read More ›

The patient experience from the inside …

By Terry Bauer Healthcare Management Consultant, CEO and Entrepreneur | Stroudwater Prehab Counts: FEBRUARY 18, 2016 – When I had surgery shortly before Christmas last year, I had the opportunity to view the state of American healthcare firsthand. Much of my knowledge of current industry trends was confirmed, but there were some surprises, too. I… Read More ›

DPC Journal SPOTLIGHT: Meet Dr. Robert Nelson of “Encompass HD” … Another Win for Patients and Blow to the Status Quo

Introducing Encompass Health Direct: Another Win for Patients and Blow to the Status Quo By Robert Nelson, MD |Direct Primary Care Physician | I research & write about how market-based reforms can transform & save healthcare FEBRUARY 25, 2016 – After pushing through the delays and renovation snafus, we opened a little behind schedule, but… Read More ›

Summary of Hatch-Paulsen “Gold Standard” HSA Bill – Part 2

By Roy Ramthun, President & Founder, HSA Consulting Services, LLC FEBRUARY 12, 2016 –  On February 4, 2016, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-MN) introduced legislation (click on the bill numbers for the legislative language and other pertinent information: S. 2499 / H.R. 4469) that the HSA industry considers the “gold standard”… Read More ›

10+ Year Analysis of Private Medicine Malpractice Cases Show That Physicians Can Receive Steep Discounts From Liability Carriers Across U.S. (w/ INFOGRAPHIC)

Nationwide Medical Malpractice Comparison from 2004 to 2014 shows Concierge Medicine Doctors have far fewer medical malpractice claim payments than managed care MDs and DOs. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | Media Contact: (770) 455-1650 | ATLANTA, GA | JANUARY 7, 2015 – The Concierge Medicine Research Collective [The Collective –], is an independent health… Read More ›

EHR Checklist for Your DPC Practice (Free)

Start the new year right with an EHR that meets the needs of your practice model. DECEMBER 27, 2015 – Did you recently open a Membership Medicine practice (i.e. Concierge Medicine, Direct Primary Care, hybrid, etc.)? Growing your patient panel, keeping costs low, and finding the right tools to support your practice can be daunting… Read More ›

NELSON, MD: “Direct Care: More Than An Alternative Model”

By Dr. Robert Nelson, Direct Primary Care Physician | Advocate for market-based solutions & Patient-centered reforms | Entrepreneur | Writer DECEMBER 15, 2015 – The “Direct” in Direct Primary Care refers to dealing solely with patients by purposefully excluding the insurance contract from the professional relationship.  Since Direct Primary Care physicians operate without the restraints… Read More ›