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SPOTLIGHT: “Hi, I’m Rob. I’m a recovering doctor …”

October 10, 2017

Five Years Sober September 28, 2017 | By Rob Lamberts Dr. Rob Lamberts is an internal medicine-pediatrics physician who blogs at Musings of a Distractible Mind.   Hi, I’m Rob.  I’m a recovering doctor Yeah, I know I used that line once before, but it’s a special day for me today.  Humor me.  Five years ago… Read More ›

10+ Year Analysis of Private Medicine Malpractice Cases Show That Physicians Can Receive Steep Discounts From Liability Carriers Across U.S. (w/ INFOGRAPHIC)

Nationwide Medical Malpractice Comparison from 2004 to 2014 shows Concierge Medicine Doctors have far fewer medical malpractice claim payments than managed care MDs and DOs. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | Media Contact: (770) 455-1650 | ATLANTA, GA | JANUARY 7, 2015 – The Concierge Medicine Research Collective [The Collective –], is an independent health… Read More ›

EDITOR: “Does DPC Scalability Matter?”

By Michael Tetreault, Editor OCTOBER 30, 2015 – The phrase scalability in the business world is a very common discussion. Controversies arise in business over this term for many reasons. Some important. Some seemingly trivial. But in every Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice, over time, physicians say that there are “gravitational pulls” that tug you… Read More ›

BUSINESS and COLLECTIONS: Double your patient base by reaching “The Untapped Market of Subscriber Patients” ~David S. Crooks

By David Crooks  President, Easy Pay Solutions, Inc., DPC Journal Special Contributor NOVEMBER 11, 2015 – One of the uphill challenges of Membership Medicine is attracting and maintaining an adequate, paying membership base. Marketing experts abound when it comes to advice on how to get the public’s attention and promote your practice. While these experts… Read More ›

New training tool for doctors

Making a big decision for physicians feel like a small step in the right direction. DocPreneur Institute (DPI) Mentors + Physician Coaches help aspiring “docpreneurs” find solutions to industry challenges. ATLANTA, GA –Concierge Medicine Today announced the national launch of its mentoring and coaching network called The DocPreneur Insitute (DPI). The DocPreneur Institute is a… Read More ›

15 Books Every “Docpreneur” Should Read in ’15.

Last Updated: SEPTEMBER 13, 2015 By The DPC Journal Staff & Contributing Physicians Recommendations Probably thousands of books offer doctors advice about business, leadership, money or startup guidance, but we’ve narrowed it down to just 15. Docpreneurs and all those fascinated by the emerging Free Market Healthcare Delivery innovations today should find the time to… Read More ›

How CVS Quit Smoking and Grew Into a Health Care Giant ~NY Times

By HIROKO TABUCHI JULY 11, 2015 – Michael Gaffney’s throat was scratchy for days, and lemon tea was not helping. So he dropped into a MinuteClinic above a CVS store in Midtown Manhattan on a lunch break. Within minutes, a nurse practitioner tested him for strep throat (negative), suggested lozenges and a regimen (ample fluids,… Read More ›

DPC Journal Releases 2+ Year Industry Analysis of Direct Primary Care: 18 Infographic(s) Shows Trends, Demographics, DPC Hot Zones and more.

PRESS RELEASE Contact: Michael Tetreault, Editor, The Direct Primary Care Journal (The DPC Journal) – Tel: 770-455-1650 ext 151 AUGUST 1, 2015 – Eighty percent (80%) of Direct Primary Care (DPC) physicians operate in a solo practice setting versus a group practice and consumers of DPC are trending younger, according to a national analysis and… Read More ›