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ACEP: “Following Up With A PCP Isn’t So Easy …”

October 13, 2017

Contact:  Elaine Salter 202-370-9289 Twitter @emergencydocs For Immediate Release:  October 13, 2017 Following Up with A Primary Care Physician Isn’t So Easy  WASHINGTON — Patients discharged from the emergency department with instructions to follow up with primary care within 7 days were only able to do so 30 percent of the time on… Read More ›

SPOTLIGHT: “Hi, I’m Rob. I’m a recovering doctor …”

Five Years Sober September 28, 2017 | By Rob Lamberts Dr. Rob Lamberts is an internal medicine-pediatrics physician who blogs at Musings of a Distractible Mind.   Hi, I’m Rob.  I’m a recovering doctor Yeah, I know I used that line once before, but it’s a special day for me today.  Humor me.  Five years ago… Read More ›

MP3 (LISTEN) Audio | Physician Succession and Recruitment Decision-Making | Inside Membership Medicine

MP3 (LISTEN) Audio | Physician Recruitment Decision-Making Inside Concierge Medicine Run Time: 26:43 seconds Description: Podcast Host and Editor, Michael Tetreault interviews the President of The National Association of Physician/Provider Recruiters, Craig Fowler, also the Vice President of Pinnacle Health Group (, a physician and mid-level healthcare provider recruitment firm. Pinnacle Health Group is a proactive… Read More ›

Tips for Scaling UP a DPC Practice. ~Elation

Written by Direct primary care practices are growing in popularity.  This model provides flexibility to providers to focus on their patients, allowing for individualized, convenient care while building a sustainable and scalable business. Building and growing a DPC practice can be both an exciting milestone and a daunting task. So what does it take to… Read More ›

BOSTON GLOBE: “How these doctors bypass insurance companies” w/ Interviews by Dr. Jeff Gold and DPC Journal

By Priyanka Dayal McCluskey Globe Staff  April 20, 2016 MARBLEHEAD, MA | APRIL 20, 2016 — For nine years, Dr. Jeffrey Gold was the quintessentially overworked family physician: too many patients, too much paperwork, too little time to really provide care. It was the kind of pace that leads to burnout for many doctors. RELATED… Read More ›

EDUCATION: “All-New BLUE PAPER PRESENTATION” — MD2B and Industry Insight Into Physicians Working With Employers, Needs, Wants, Data, Etc.

EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL |BLUE PAPER PRESENTATION Delivered Originally By Catherine Sykes and Bill Bennett, July 31-August 1st, 2015 in Atlanta, GA USA Analysis and PDF Technical Presentation reviewing the various aspects surrounding physicians partnering with employers. Our Blue Papers, (very different from White Papers) are usually written presentation drafted and presented to our healthcare and business… Read More ›

(TRENDING) Health Affairs talks with DPC Journal and Others: ” Abstract Direct primary care represents a new model for providers eager to spend more time with fewer patients and bypass insurance headaches.”

Abstract Health Aff December 2015 34:122016-2019; doi: 10.1377/hlthaff.2015.1281 Direct primary care represents a new model for providers eager to spend more time with fewer patients and bypass insurance headaches. Health Affairs is the leading journal of health policy thought and research. The peer-reviewed journal was founded in 1981 under the aegis of Project HOPE, a… Read More ›