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Access Falters Amidst Good Patient Primary Care Relationships |

October 19, 2017

Sixty-one percent of patients said they would choose an urgent care or retail clinic over their PCP, despite good patient primary care relationships. By Sara Heath October 02, 2017 – Despite reported positive patient and primary care provider relationships, patients still experience barriers accessing care but see the upsides of urgent and retail care clinic… Read More ›

TECH | Apple explored buying two Concierge Medical-Clinic start-ups as part of a bigger push into health care — and more inquiries expected, according to CNBC Sources

Apple was reportedly in talks to purchase Aliso Viejo, Calif.-based Crossover Health, a healthcare startup that works with self-insured employers to provide medical and wellness services at onsite clinics. The move heightens speculation about the tech giant’s potential foray into the healthcare space, multiple sources familiar with the matter told CNBC. Negotiations between the two… Read More ›

USA TODAY | Apple was also reported to be in similar acquisition talks with One Medical, … leverage technology to smooth the often onerous doctor’s visit process.

Apple was also reported to be in similar acquisition talks with One Medical, another concierge medicine group that charges a membership fee and aggressively leverages technology to smooth the often onerous doctor’s visit process. . ~By Marco della Cava, USA TODAY By Marco della Cava, USA TODAY Published 8:02 p.m. ET Oct. 16, 2017 SAN… Read More ›

Bank rolls out maternity concierge — The maternity concierge is available from pregnancy up until the baby turns 1. Welch describes the program as “the right thing to do.”

Bank rolls out maternity concierge Fifth Third Bank service helps new moms with research, purchases, baby shower planning, birth announcements, alternative work arrangements October 13, 2017 | By Rachel Watson For first-time moms, often the stress of learning how to care for a child combined with returning to work is so overwhelming they might decide… Read More ›

EXAMPLES: Hospital Institutions Offering Concierge Medicine plus, Exec. Health Membership Programs [REVISED 2017]

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief Hospital Environments & Executive Health Programs and Concierge Care. An excerpt from The Doctor’s Guide to Concierge Medicine Updated: MAY 2017 – Medical centers are no strangers to Concierge Medicine programs, but they have an entirely different set of complexities to consider when implementing in local hospitals and communities for the… Read More ›

ACEP: “Following Up With A PCP Isn’t So Easy …”

Contact:  Elaine Salter 202-370-9289 Twitter @emergencydocs For Immediate Release:  October 13, 2017 Following Up with A Primary Care Physician Isn’t So Easy  WASHINGTON — Patients discharged from the emergency department with instructions to follow up with primary care within 7 days were only able to do so 30 percent of the time on… Read More ›

EP. 104 | Pharmacogenomics 101 | Meet Ryan Gregg, Ph.D. is a Medical Science Liaison at OneOme

By The DocPreneur Podcast | Concierge Medicine Today | The DPC Journal | CMT Canada OCTOBER 2017 – Ryan Gregg, Ph.D. is a Medical Science Liaison at OneOme. He obtained a B.S. with Honors in Forensic Chemistry from the University of Mississippi, and a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the Center for Substance Abuse and Research… Read More ›

LISTEN | “Genetic Testing 101” An Interview with Geneticist, Author and CEO, Brandon Colby, MD

“What would happen if a physician were to begin speaking to a patient’s future potential rather than their past performance?” adds Colby. “Where the practice of medicine may fall short, a story is often found in our DNA that will provide clarity. Instead of waiting for sickness to occur, the clarity provided by a patient’s… Read More ›