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Washington State Driving Primary Care Transformation; Leading Experts Cite Washington as “Hotspot” of Reform

Seattle, Washington, March 19, 2015 – Family Medicine for America’s Health, a partnership of eight leading family medicine organizations in the United States, today brought together physicians from both private practice and academia who are revolutionizing health care delivery in Washington State. Moderated by author, documentary filmmaker and reporter T.R. Reid, the roundtable discussion featured… Read More ›

TIME: ‘The idea [DPC] is deceptively simple: Pay frontline doctors a fixed monthly fee directly instead of through the byzantine insurance bureaucracy.’

How can Americans get better health care for less money? There’s a quiet experiment going on among primary-care physicians, and the results are intriguing. By David Von Drehle Dec. 22, 2014 – Nowhere outside the pages of Dickens is there a more aptly named fellow than Garrison Bliss. A trim, gray man, he has… Read More ›